Gus Kenworthy, Caitlyn Jenner Party With Prince Of Brunei, Where Being Gay Is Punishable By Death

Gus deleted a picture from the event after commenters pointed out the country's violent anti-gay policies.

Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas hung out with Caitlyn Jenner at a birthday party in London over the weekend, and a selfie the trio posted on Instagram is causing a stir among LGBT activists.

According to blogger Kenneth Walsh, the party was for the "queeny" son of the Sultan of Brunei, a tiny Asian country that observes Sharia Law and punishes homosexuality with death.

Kenworthy posted a picture from the event but quickly deleted it, Walsh wrote, probably because "celebrating a member of a family that is looking to make being gay punishable by death isn’t something an Instagram filter can make look pretty."

He added: "Enabling this 'wealth can shield me from what my government is doing to my LGBT comrades' mentality is par for the course for Caitlyn Jenner, but I’d hoped for more from Gus and his actor boyfriend."

In 2014, Hollywood A-listers joined a very public boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel after it was revealed that the Sultan of Brunei was the owner.

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