Dudes Love 'Downton Abbey' More Than 'Mad Men'

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Screw Don Draper, it seems the men of America much prefer the company of the Dowager Countess, at least based on recent ratings numbers. While the season premiere of Mad Men landed the program its best ratings to date, the numbers pale in comparison to Downton Abbey and the PBS show's ever growing male audience. Zou Bisou Bi-what?

Ratings for season two of Downton were up 100% among men 18-to-34-years-old. They were also up 100% for men 35-49. In the end, the season averaged 7 million viewers an episode, by far the biggest audience ever in Masterpiece history for PBS.

By comparison, the season five premiere of Mad Men drew 4.4 million viewers, and even that was a huge boost from their season four finale which scored 2.44 million viewers. Though the show's biggest audience to date, it still brought in over two million viewers less than the Downton season average.

If we had to peg a reason for Downton's popularity over Mad Men, we would of course have to blame Don's new wife Megan and that "Zou Bisou Bisou" performance. No one wants to kiss a girl in black.

Dudes Love the Dowager Countess Just as Much as You Do [Jezebel]

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