Transgender Men Proudly Take Their Shirts Off

"I think of top surgery as reconstructing the stereotypcial male chest."

Davey Wavey, an Internet figure known more for his pecs and abs than his social justice crusading, has just released a new video that adheres to his usual mantra but adds unexpected heart and purpose by including transgender men in the shirtless action.

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"Having top surgery is not what makes a trans guy a man, and in fact, it's really expensive, but for many trans guys it's an important right of passage," Wavey explains at the beginning.

Now, if you're like me, you might be quick to think: Who is Davey Wavey to weigh in on a topic like this?

Wavey's one step ahead of us there: "This is a topic a lot of us, myself included, know very little about," he admits.


To remedy this, Wavey has brought in a trio of his friends – Ryan Cassata, Doug, and Christina – all of whom bravely open up about their experiences.

"They never felt right on me," Doug explains when referencing his former breasts.

"It always felt like it was somebody else's chest on me," Christina adds, "like there's this chest underneath the chest that I do have that people are never able to touch."

Watch the touching video below.