Sip on This Tea: "Drag Race" Queen Chooses Madonna Music Video Over Tour Gig

Because when the Queen of Pop calls, you answer!

The Queen of Pop is about to share the stage with some Drag Race royalty.

Rumors are swirling online that Madonna has filmed a music video for her upcoming single, and the video will feature RuPaul's Drag Race girls, including recent All Stars Season 4 winner, Monét X Change. Phi Phi O'Hara also said she asked to appear in the video, but declined.

Rumors on social media with an inside source say the single will be dance music featuring a "new video with drag queens, politics and controversy. Madonna will appear in a disco dress from Tom Ford."

Madonna has been teasing new music for months. In an interview with WWD last year, the Material Girl talked about her MDNA Skin lineup, and at the end of the conversation she confirmed that a new album of music is on the way:

“I’m finishing my record, which I’m going to release next year,” she said. “Yep, in between rose mist spray and serums, I’m actually making music. Can’t quit my day job.”

If you follow Madonna on social media, you know that she has been working on some new tunes with “disco god” Mirwais, who produced her criminally underrated 2003 album, American Life. It has also been leaked that the new album, her first since 2015's Rebel Heart, will drop this summer with a world tour starting in September.

But this is Madonna, so the filming of her new music video has had its fair share of drama already. This past weekend, Murray & Peter Present, the company behind drag tours like the current Haters Roast, posted on Instagram that Monét was fired from the Haters Roast tour after leaving before the Denver show to accept Madonna's offer to be in her new video:

"Yesterday @monetxchange arrived in Denver to appear on our show. Sometime during the afternoon, we’re told she received a phone call from @madonna with an offer to be in an upcoming music video," MP wrote on Instagram. "Monet asked MP if it would be ok to leave the tour to accept the offer. We said no because it was too short notice to replace her on Haters. Just hours before the show was to start and without telling anyone including the other queens on the Denver show, Monet left the venue and flew to LA to accept Madonna’s offer. Therefore, we have decided that Monet will no longer be on any upcoming Haters Roast dates."

Monét clapped back:

This is when Phi Phi revealed she was also asked to be in the Queen of Pop's new video, and said "a bunch" of queens will be featured in it:

Aquaria also stood up for Monét, calling out M&P, and supported queens who make the "best decisions for their careers" like appearing in Madonna's new video:

Night of a 1,000 Madonnas? More like Night of a 1,000 DRAMAS! We can't wait to see our fave Drag Race girls slay it alongside Madonna when she finally drops the new video.

Until then, we'll be sipping on this piping hot tea because when Madonna calls, you answer!

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