Who Trinity the Tuck Almost Blocked on "Drag Race All Stars" Season 7

"I was very conflicted..."

The word "legend" is thrown around a lot when talking about RuPaul's Drag Race queens, but when it comes to Trinity the Tuck the term is completely accurate.

Trinity made it to the top four of Drag Race Season 9, only to go on to win — along with Monét X Change — RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4. Now, "the body" is back for All Stars Season 7, the "all winners" season — and Trinity came to slay the competition. From her heightened runway looks to her hilarious turns as Lucifer and Leslie Jordan on Snatch Game, and helping her competitors in the workroom, Trinity the Tuck is coming for the title of "queen of all queens."

Trinity spoke with Logo about being a maxi challenge legend, if she always knew she was going to block Yvie Oddly, and who among her fellow all-stars should play her on Snatch Game.

So you have the most maxi challenge wins of any queen in Drag Race herstory. Sounds like a "queen of all queens" to me...

I mean, doesn't it? You need to report right to Rupaul and tell her that. I think it's amazing, I think what an accomplishment, regardless of anything that happens in the future. Hopefully, I win, but if I don't, I mean, that sounds like a win to me. I mean, hello? So far 10 wins, that's insane.

You're really bringing it this season, and there is so much love for you online. It must feel pretty great.

I get such a high from the love and support from the fans. The fan base is a double-edged sword, we have a very passionate fan base, but some of the most toxic fans out of any fan base out there. We also have some of the most supportive fans out of any fan base out there. I just absolutely love and appreciate the people who support me, and honestly, would not be able to do what I do without their support. So, I'm very, very grateful.

I want to talk about the latest episode, I loved what you did with RuPaul's Season 8 promo look, I thought your runway was so fantastic. In the episode, they make it look like Raja got in your head when you were discussing your design. Did Raja get in your head?

No, I think with any TV show, there's going to be some fun editing. Everyone says, "Don't blame it on the edit," I'm not blaming any edit, but it is a TV show, they do have to make it entertaining. Maybe that's what she thought she was doing, and so they showed that. But absolutely not, she was not in my head, I'm not one of those girls. You will not get in my head, I am super hyper-focused whenever I'm doing something. Once I have my mind made up on something, I go for it, and sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't. So, no, I was not threatened by Raja. When we were chatting, I was literally just talking with her. Actually, I thought I found it quite the opposite by watching what she was making, I was being even more confident in what I was making.

Ru's Season 8 promo look is one of my favorite looks. Is that your favorite Ru season promo look or do you have another?

I think it's definitely one of my favorites, that's why I wanted it so bad. I loved the silhouette of it. The one that Raja got, I absolutely loved. I don't know if that's a promo or not, but RuPaul has so many iconic looks, it really is hard to choose.

When you were standing on the stage getting your critiques, Ru called you "a lifesaver," because you were helping out the other queens in the workroom. It reminds me of Bianca Del Rio, it's like you're playing from her playbook. Did that cross your mind when you were helping out your competition in the workroom?

God, no, I don't think of Bianca Del Rio at all when it comes to competing. She's fantastic, but no, copying her for strategy is not something I would do. I actually didn't help anyone out of strategy, I think one thing we can compare with Bianca and myself is that I think we're both the type of person that would help out a fellow queen, because we want them to do well, not because we want to get something out of it. Bianca's very that, she's very confident in her drag and doesn't feel threatened by helping someone out, and I'm the same way.

So, you blocked Yvie at the end of this episode, was it always going to be Yvie, or did you consider another queen?

I definitely had Yvie on my radar, but at this point in the competition, it was very confusing, because this is the first time that there's ever been these rules. So, there's no guide to see, okay, well, if I go this way with my strategy, how will this play out? So, I really was conflicted with, okay, do I continue to block Jinkx to try to keep her out? Even though she's already got two [Legendary Legend] stars, she's already ahead of the pack, or do I block someone else that's coming up to prevent them from being in the top four? So, there were so many different ways to play the game, because this season, it is a strategy game. So, I was very conflicted, there were three different people that I was thinking of to block, and it just happened to be Yvie that I landed on.

I love how the other queens always do imitations of you, who do you think does the best imitation of you and who do you think does the worst?

For sure, The Vivienne does the best impersonation. She is so good at impersonating other people, her voices are so funny. I think she's like an over-exaggeration of me, so I think she would play me hysterically on Snatch Game. I think the worst at impersonating me would either be Yvie or Monét, because their interpretation of a country accent is just ridiculous.

My last question: I love Trinity as a redhead, but which hair color do you think is most true to Trinity?

I don't think there is a "true to Trinity" hair color, I think what is true to Trinity is that I'm very versatile. I know a lot of fans love a signature look for a queen, I am just not that queen. I do not like a set aesthetic for myself, I never have. I like trying new things, I love red hair on me, but I also love blonde, and brunette, and multicolors, I just like trying new things, but love red hair.

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