James Franco Is Totally Gonna Marry That "Game Of Thrones" Dragon Chick

[caption id="attachment_104904" align="aligncenter" width="607"]This could also be another obscure art project Franco's working on. Photo Credit: Getty Images This could also be another obscure art project Franco's working on. Photo Credit: Getty Images[/caption]

James Franco is getting married party people, and, as fate should have it, the lovable oddball has actually managed to score a lady love who is even more eccentric than him. That's right folks, Jimmy F is getting ready to walk down the aisle with a horse heart eating, dragon rearing towhead with a congenital insensitivity to heat, Miss Daenerys Targaryen.

Well, kinda.

The Francs is actually looking to get hitched t0 Emilia Clarke, the lovely actress who plays Daenerys on Game of Thrones. That is, if Page Six is to be believed. (And they usually right over there.)

“James is in love. He says Emilia is the most amazing woman he’s ever met, and he wants to get hitched as soon as possible,” a source told the paper. “He’s planning a perfect proposal.”

Ugh, is there anything more annoying than people in love gushing?

Hey, maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but one thing is for sure -- James Franco's proposal, should it happen, will no doubt be the weirdest thing we will ever see and likely include cameos from Marina Abramović, Klaus Biesenbach and the ghost of Hart Crane. And we will love every minute of it.

Another thing we would love? If Khal Drogo rose from the dead and dumped a boiling pot of gold on Franco's head in an act of vengeance at the actual wedding.

We think James would appreciate the art aspect of it all.

h/t: ONTD

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