Ted Cruz Drags Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump With Transphobic Joke

Once again, the Texas senator has compared trans women to male sexual predators.

Ted Cruz continued peddling false narratives about North Carolina's bigoted anti-trans bathroom law (HB2) at a campaign rally in Indiana on Saturday, and invoked the names of his closest competitors in the race to the White House with a wildly transphobic joke.

"Let me make this real, real simple for our folks in the media who find this conversation very confusing," said Cruz. "Even if Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he shouldn’t be using the girl’s restroom."

Cruz continues to insist the new law, which bans transgender people from using restrooms that matches their gender identity, is one that protects children from cross-dressing pedophiles.

Cruz continued the mockery by apologizing for painting an image of "Donald in a bright blue pantsuit." At this point, it's safe to assume he's just not smart enough to understand that a man who wears female clothing so he can assault children in restrooms is a sexual predator, not a trans woman.

He added: "But let me just say to Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show, please give us that image."

Cruz's stance on HB2 stands in stark contrast to Clinton and Trump, who both oppose it.

At a live Town Hall event hosted by MSNBC last Thursday, Trump condemned the new law and said that trans people should be able to "use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate."

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