"Show Your ID To Pee" Video Perfectly Destroys Transphobic Bathroom Bills

Do you really want him peeing next to your wife or girlfriend?

The absurdity of legislation aimed at policing trans people in bathrooms, like North Carolina's heinous HB2, is spotlighted in a new video that's quickly going viral.

Produced by the LGBT social network Moovz, the clip opens with a mother and child walking past a bouncer as they head into the ladies room. They're followed moments later by a trans woman, who is stopped by the door man and made to show her ID.

Unsatisfied with her "credentials", he redirects her to the men's room.

The video goes on to show other examples of how inane it is to police people's gender in restrooms, illustrating the underlying question: "Would you show your ID to pee?"

Since Moovz released the video, it's been viewed more than 580,000 times. Viewers who are trans are encouraged to post photos with the hashtag #ID2P.

"What recently happened in North Carolina with the ‪#‎bathroombill‬ is a complete outrage for anyone who believes in ‪#‎equalrights‬," Mooz wrote in a statement. "These bathroom bills and religious-freedom acts insight violence against our transgender community. It is time we voiced up against this type of discrimination."

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