Patsy And Edina Crash Fashion Awards, Rachel Maddow Exposes Horrors Of Ted Cruz: BRIEFS

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Birthday shoutouts! For today and tomorrow - Peter Facinelli (above) is 42, Amy Grant is 55, Christina Applegate is 44, and Tina Turner is 76.

A Programming Note - Tomorrow is a holiday in the U.S., and TheBacklot part of NNN will be taking the day off, but we'll be back on Friday.

Since this is a time to give thanks, I'd like to thank all of our readers. The new readers, thank you for joining our nutty little corner, and i'd especially like to thank those who have continued on this journey with us through the years and the many changes and upheavals. I know we've lost many of our regulars, but the fact that some of you have decided to stick around means the world to us.


Barbra Streisand is a ball of buttah accepting the Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Daniel Radcliffe outraged by Sacha Baron Cohen's new film The Brothers Grimsby, which depicts him as crazed HIV positive madman.

15 thoughts you have when browsing Grindr over Thanksgiving.

The first official photo from the Wonder Woman set has arrived.


Rachel with the first of what will hopefully be a series of reports about just how dangerous Ted Cruz is.

The anti-gay tweets of Kathrynn Knot can be used against her in her upcoming trial.

"Kathryn Knott is charged with conspiracy, two counts of aggravated assault and related offenses in the September 11 attack on a gay couple in the Center City section. The attack left Zachary Hesse and his boyfriend, Andrew Haught, hospitalized with a broken jaw and cheekbones, resulting in Haught's jaw being wired shut. Knott refused a plea deal, but her accomplices, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, pleaded guilty to assault and conspiracy in exchange for no jail time."

Here's the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which features Cap going rogue and facing off with Iron Man, and Bucky caught in the middle. Let's just settle this once and for all, I'll supply the ruler.

Adam Lambert answers 42 rapid fire questions about himself. Favorite dance move? "A sensible body roll"

Patsy and Edina present Stella McCartney with Brand Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards.

Here's the first teaser for Grease Live. It needs more singing nuns and Christopher Walken.

And here's The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we're going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We'll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay and bisexual celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to ... Reid Ewing

Let's spend a couple days on Reid's greatest claim to fame so far, as the scene-stealing, adorable lunkhead with a heart of gold Dylan on Modern Family. Dylan was no one-hit wonder. He followed up "In The Moonlight (Do Me)" with the equally sensitive ballad "Imagine Me Naked." You gotta love this show for going all the way and filming actual music videos for a secondary character.

Three years ago I presented my personal favorite Briefs list, The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80's, and because if there's one thing Hollywood has taught us, it's that sequels and reboots and remakes are ALWAYS better then the original, we're going to the well again with The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80's Part 2: The Even More Forgotten

We'll be spotlighting 100 more of the greatest minor hits of the decade, the songs you don’t hear on any 80’s nostalgia show. Songs that missed the top ten, or top twenty … or top forty. Hopefully these forgotten gems may ring a long dormant bell, or for younger readers, provide a pop music history lesson.

At #59 is "Supernatural Love" by Donna Summer

Donna followed up her huge 1983 album She Works Hard For The Money with 1984's vastly underrated release Cats Without Claws, which would become her last top 40 album (peaking at #40) until 2008's Crayons. She has a couple songs on this list, starting off with the second single from that album, "Supernatural Love" which would reach #75 in December 1984.

Congrats to Jazz, who guessed that yesterday's Pixuzzle™ © ® was Return of the Jedi. And I'll also give a co-win to Dostka, for Star War Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. Both titles are acceptable, and there's an argument for either.

Here's today's Pixuzzle™ © ®. Here is a scene from a FAMOUS MOVIE. Can you name it?

And today's Briefs are brought to you by ... Lionel Lopez

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