New HBO Doc "The Trans List" Profiles Transgender Influencers You Need To Know

"You can’t watch Laverne Cox...and not be moved by her accomplishments."

Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders will showcase a variety of famous transgender individuals and their first-person stories in a new project titled "The Trans List."

The Trans List is the latest in Greenfield-Sanders' franchise series that profiles people of marginalized communities who "deserve more attention" but aren't getting it. Previously, he's featured people of other communities in The Black List, The Latino List, The Women's List, and The Out List.

Greenfield-Sanders told NBC he hopes his projects are able to educate people who wouldn't otherwise listen.

"'The Black List' reached a lot of important people in the United States -- not just in the African American community but in other communities as well," Greenfeild-Sanders said. "The formula for it is so adaptable. The way I shot it, it's my portraiture come to life."

The Trans List features a diverse range of transgender voices including Penelope Ghartey, Justin Vivian Bond, Laverne Cox, Buck Angel, and Ian Harvie.

"You can't watch Laverne Cox in The Trans List and not be moved by her accomplishments and the struggles she's gone through to get to where she has," Greenfield-Sanders said.

The Trans List's accompanying art exhibit, "Identity," is already on display at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.

A companion documentary anchored by trans activist Janet Mock, also titled The Trans List, will debut December 5 on HBO.

"I love Janet Mock," Greenfield-Sanders said, adding that she "brought a level of comfort" to the interviewees.

"I am endlessly impressed with her. She's a spirited, brilliant, thoughtful, thought-provoking person. I am lucky to know her."

Check out at trailer for Greenfield-Sanders' 2013 project, The Out List, below:

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