Jon Stewart Perfectly Defends Marriage Equality Using Alabama's "Anti-Sharia Law" Bill


Jon Stewart didn't need much help writing jokes about the marriage equality situation in Alabama for last night's episode of The Daily Show. Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's attempts to circumvent a federal ruling and bar all legal same-sex marriages from happening earlier this week were so hilarious, the jokes pretty much wrote themselves.

Per usual, Stewart destroyed Justice Moore with his own logic.

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Moore argued that Probate judges in the state could ignore the federal ruling because it conflicted with their religious beliefs. Not so, said Stewart, reminding Moore of the "anti-Sharia law" bill he approved last year, which bans the implementation of rulings based on "foreign law."

“Where was the Bible written again?" he asked "Last time I checked, ancient Galilee is not one of the 50 states. Or even one of them territories that nobody knows about. Which makes it foreign law. The kind of foreign law you’d explicitly banned from judicial decisions. You have fucked yourselves with your own statute.”

Check. Mate.

Check it out below:

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