Kelly From "Shoes" Is Back, and She Wants You to Wear a Mask, Betch

"Deal with it!"

Nature really is healing.

Kelly has made an epic return to YouTube with an important message: Wear a face mask, betch. In a chaotic comeback fit for 2020, Kelly—the bitchy teenage drag persona of YouTuber and comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan—calls her parents via Zoom to check in amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liam Kyle Sullivan/YouTube

Sullivan, of course, splashed onto the scene with "Shoes," his iconic dragged-up comedy sketch about a teen girl who stops at nothing to get what she wants (read: shoes). The OG viral video premiered in 2007. Since then, it's racked up a staggering 67 million views.

In "Masks," Kelly is almost immediately dragged by her mom, who notes that it took a pandemic for her to finally call her parents. After a seemingly heartfelt attempt at connection from her dad ("He read a book, and now he thinks he's 'a woke,'" her mom reveals), Kelly and her mom are left alone on the call. The conversation quickly devolves from there.

Liam Kyle Sullivan/YouTube

"I'm gonna go get a new outfit because I've been wearing the same thing for 15 years," Kelly quips.

"What is that, a mask?" her mom interrupts. "If I hear another thing about a mask, I'm gonna lose it."

Don't worry, Kelly lets her have it. Mask up and watch the latest installment of quarantine comedy gold from a YouTube legend below. (It literally just dropped. At the time of writing, "Masks" has 18,000 views. The power!)

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