New Tom Daley Documentary Tracks Four Years Of Olympic Diver's Life

Tom reportedly offers new insight into his coming out, his engagement, and training for Rio.

A new documentary that charts four years of Tom Daley's life between the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games is slated for a summer release on the UK's ITV network.

Cameras have been following Tom since his early days as an international figure on the diving board in London in 2012, The Mirror reports.

They've tracked every moment of his journey since, from his public coming out in 2013 to his developing relationship with screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and their engagement last year, his hosting gig on ITV's Splash and a plethora of other professional accomplishments.

Tom Daley: Diving For Gold will reportedly focus on Daley's budding relationship with DLB and working with new coach Jane Figueiredo.

Last month, Daley found out he'd qualified for Team GB and will compete at the Olympics for a third time in Rio de Janeiro next month. With 24 gold, 15 silver, and 12 bronze medals, he's the most decorated member of the team.

"It’s a privilege to have such intimate access to one of Britain’s best loved and most talented Olympians," said Neil Edwards, a senior executive producer at production company Twofour. "Tom’s four-year journey from London 2012 to Rio 2016 is the latest gripping chapter in a story we’ve all been following since he burst into the public consciousness as a young boy."

ITV entertainment commissioner Amanda Stavri added: "Tom is one of Britain’s best-loved athletes and I can’t wait for viewers to see his journey to once again compete in the ultimate level of sporting competition. We’ll follow his highs and the lows as well as discovering new insights into both Tom’s sporting and personal life."

Tom Daley: Diving For Gold does not have an official release date but will air sometime this summer as he competes in Rio.

In the meantime, you can check out Tom's own coverage of his career in weekly vlogs on his YouTube channel. The most recent is below.

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