JVN Is a Sassy Gay Jesus in Benito Skinner's Hilarious Easter Video

"I only have 12 followers!"

Deliver us, Jesus Christ Jonathan Van Ness.

Celebrating Easter Sunday, Los Angeles-based comedian Benito Skinner uploaded a hilarious IGTV sketch imagining the nonbinary Queer Eye star as the lead in the movie Jesus. The skit sees Skinner's JVN lend his trademark sass and queer affect to the famed biblical figure—including defending his BFF, the "so fun, so gorgeous, pro-sex work" Mary Mags.

"This is literally ridiculous," Skinner says in the video. "I only have 12 followers!"

The entire skit is set to Madonna's "Like a Prayer," as God intended. It even got some love from JVN himself, who reposted Skinner's video on his Instagram page.

"Happy Easter from @bennydrama7 as me," the beauty and grooming guru wrote. "Also, sorry Mom."

Watch Skinner's full sketch below, Easter candy not included.

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