Marc Sinoway Talks 'Hunting Season': Video

Hunting Season, the new web series about gay New Yorkers, and their straight friends, navigating their love and work lives in NYC, is streaming on and beginning tomorrow at 9 pm EST. Based on the popular blog "The Great Cock Hunt," the series follows Alex, a Gawker blogger by day, who spends his free time looking for love, and sex, while writing about his friends, and conquests, in the Big Apple.

Playing like a mash-up of Sex and the City and Girls, but focused on gay men, the series provides plenty of nudity, laughs and social and sexual dilemmas.

We got a chance to chat with Marc Sinoway (All My Children, One Life to Live), about his experience filming the series. Watch above as he and producer Jon Marcus, the man behind Party Monster and Boys Don't Cry, discuss the new show.

The first three episodes, all 8-12 minutes in length, will stream tomorrow on Logo. The following five episodes will each air every Wednesday night.

'Hunting Season' To Premiere On LOGOTV.COM Sept. 18