Laverne Cox Is “Too Much” in H&M’s New LGBTQ Pride Campaign

“Your power is in owning every part of who you are.”

Rainbow is the new black?

Laverne Cox is doing the most and looking her best as headliner of H&M's new "Stay True, Stay You" campaign pegged to LGBTQ Pride Month.

“Now I understand that being too much is just enough for me,” says the trailblazing trans actress and activist in the commercial. “Your power is in owning every part of who you are.”

"We’re celebrating love, equality, and togetherness in all its glory!" H&M writes in an official campaign description.

The affordable fashion retailer is donating 10% of global sales from the Pride collection to the United Nations Free & Equal campaign.

"When I moved to New York City over 20 years ago, I remember going to a very different Times Square and imagining my face being up on one of those iconic billboards," Cox writes on social media, noting that her face now graces an H&M billboard in Times Square for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

"For decades trans people have been pushed to the margins in a fight we helped to start. I always marvel when I see trans people as visible and as celebrated as we are in this current moment. This moment in our movement is unprecedented. We cannot let our beautiful lights, our magic be dimmed by the attacks on our existence from our government and our fellow citizens. We will continue to fight the systems that seek to erase us and shine in all our glory. This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine."

"Every day I have to take time to reaffirm the truth of where I am in the moment," Cox continues. "That truth must not be suppressed, numbed or denied but acknowledged and accepted. It's not always pretty but it's the truth, my truth. Some days I do it better than others. Progress not perfection."

H&M's Pride campaign also features queer influencers Rickey Thompson, Shannon Beveridge, and Yummertime couple Chris Lin and Brock Williams.

Cox, the first trans actor to be Emmy-nominated, plays a trans inmate on Orange Is the New Black, which will end this year after seven seasons on Netflix.

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