San Diego Police Shoot And Kill Man Who Held Kitchen Knife To His Boyfriend's Throat

The incident was reportedly recorded by the officer's body camera.

A man with a knife was fatally shot by police in San Diego on Friday after being suspected of domestic violence.

Police received a report that the 30-year-old man was holding a knife to his boyfriend's throat.

The man, whose identity has not been released while police try to contact his family, fled the scene before cops arrived, but was eventually spotted by them in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood.

"Commands were given to stop and drop the weapon, but the knife-wielding suspect refused to comply,” reported San Diego police Lt. Manny Del Toro. "The suspect aggressively advanced towards the officer with the knife. Fearing for his safety and the safety of the public, the San Diego police officer fired his handgun at the suspect striking him in the chest."

Police confirmed that the knife-wielding man had a violent criminal past and was already wanted for a parole violation.

The boyfriend was not injured and reported that the couple had only been together for a few months.

The officer was also uninjured and reportedly caught the incident on his body camera.

That footage has not yet been released, but San Diego police were criticized last year when footage showed them fatally shooting an unarmed, mentally ill homeless man who they had mistakenly believed to have had a knife.

h/t: Towleroad

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