Trans Target Employee Reveals The Kind Of Garbage He Has To Listen To Every Day

"I've had to endure multiple conversations regarding what rights trans people deserve... from the guests at my store, my fellow coworkers and even a few supervisors."

Since announcing its trans-inclusive bathroom policy, Target has become Ground Zero for the anti-LGBT fringe, who continue to foster the myth that it will allow predators to attack women in restrooms and locker rooms.

These lies aren't just harmful in the abstract—they threaten the safety and well-being of trans people nationwide as Maxwell Jamison, a Target employee from Phoenix, Arizona, shared in a post on Facebook.

Hi there! My name is Max. I'm a Target team member, and I also happen to be transgender.

Over the past week since Target announced their inclusive restroom policy following the North Carolina bathroom bill, I've had to endure multiple conversations regarding what rights trans people deserve. These comments coming from the guests at my store, my fellow coworkers, and even a few of my supervisors.

I have been told that trans people ought to use "the bathroom that matches their junk," that a "man in a dress" is going to sexually assault everyone's daughters, our store has been threatened and cursed out by guests, and the amount of rampant transphobia that's taken place in store and online this past week has been nauseating.

So, here I am, in the men's restroom at Target, a trans man, standing up for my trans siblings out there who've had to listen and read the same bullshit I've been experiencing. Know that for every negative thought some bigot has had about us, there are other gender-dismantling folks out there standing up for our right to use whatever restroom we please, in Target, in restaurants, in shopping malls, wherever.

Stand up for your right to gain access to relieve basic human functions and feel safe doing so. Trans ladies, use the women's restroom with pride, check out your cute blouse in a mirror without fearing for your safety. Trans guys, don't feel ashamed waiting for a stall to open up. Gender queers, go, and I mean GO, wherever you feel fits your vibe that day.

You've come a long way in your personal journey, and we've got a long way to go until we're recognized as valid, beautiful, powerful human beings. We're getting there, slowly but surely.

Keep going. Fight with the rest of us and shut out the negativity.

Don't let the problematic idea of "passing" decide where you drop trou. Don't let some shitlord's comment on a Facebook news post about North Carolina dictate where you pee. #LetUsPeeInPeace

Since posting his comment on April 27, Max says he's received support from fellow Target employees, straight allies and LGBT people across the country.

"All of us take pride in working for a company that accepts us, actively encourages us to be our authentic selves, and takes steps to protect us," he wrote in a followup post.

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