"One Day at a Time" Renewed for Fourth Season, Moving to Pop TV

The Alvarez family is back!

*Gloria Estefan voice* This isn't it!

Four months after the show was canceled by Netflix, it was announced today that One Day at a Time has been renewed for a fourth season by Pop TV and will air on the cable net in 2020.

“When we looked at the success we’ve had with Schitt’s Creek, we felt that was because of how it championed love and kindness, and how it has a lot of emotion mixed with a lot of heart and comedy,” Pop president Brad Schwartz said in a statement. “And when you look at One Day at a Time, you see it does the same [thing]. They deal with inclusion and love and acceptance and family. They pull on your emotions and they make you laugh. There are such parallels to what helped Schitt’s Creek break through on Pop."

"Pop is now the home to two of the most critically praised and fan-adored comedies in all of television, bringing even more premium content to basic cable," Schwartz added.

Making television history, this is the first time a streaming series will make the jump to a cable network.

According to Vulture, the first three seasons of ODAAT will stay on Netflix, but going forward the series "will be branded as a Pop original." CBS—which owns Pop—will also broadcast the season later in 2020, and Pop will get linear rights to air the original Netflix seasons on the network.

“Three months ago, I was heartbroken with the news of our beloved One Day at a Time’s cancellation,” Norman Lear said. “Thank you to my producing partner, Brent Miller, our incredibly talented co-showrunners, Mike Royce and Gloria Calderón Kellett, and of course, Sony, for never once giving up on the show, our actors or the possibility that a cable network could finally save a cancelled series that originated on a streaming service. And one last thank you to Pop for having the guts to be that first cable network. Even this I get to experience—at 96.”


One Day At A Time

Kellett revealed that in the three months since the show was originally canceled, many of the writing staff got swooped up by other shows: “We’re sad, but we’re also excited that they’re being lifted up. And Mike and I have already been reading a bunch of great writers, some really exciting people. So we’ll have some original staff and some fresh talent that we can show the ropes.”

The Alvarez family better get comfortable because Schwartz wants them around for years to come. “I hope it becomes our huge flagship series that goes on for five, six, seven seasons," he said. "That would be the dream."

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