Ruby Rose Called A "Disgusting Human Being" For Donating To LGBT Center After Hurricane Harvey

"So you are only willing to help out gay people suffering from the floods in Houston?!?!"

Ruby Rose was slammed on social media after donating to a Houston LGBT center in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Several funds have been launched to help LGBT Houstonians recover from Harvey, which has resulted in 14 deaths and thousands of people being displaced.

The Orange Is The New Black actress promised to make a donation to Houston's Montrose Center yesterday after Fun musician Jack Antonoff promised to match donations to the center up to $10,000.

“I’m going to match Jack and eat a banana while I donate $10,000 to the LGBT centre in Houston also,” Rose tweeted, referencing an image of Antonoff eating a banana at the VMAs that had gone viral.

Rose also posted a screenshot of her tweet to Instagram and urged others to contribute as well. But she was met with swift criticism by those who felt she was ignoring the needs of others.

“This is sad... helping only one group," one commenter on Instagram posted, "When the entire city needs help”.

"So you are only willing to help out gay people suffering from the floods in Houston?!?!" another chimed in. "You are a disgusting human being."

One commenter criticized the amount of the donation while also revealing her own homophobia, writing, "Wow, only 10,000? Pussy. But I guess you are what you eat."

Rose shared some of the abusive comments to Instagram.

Similar outrage popped up on Twitter, where a user in a "Make America Great Again" hat referred to the $10,000 as a "LGBT-only hate donation."

But Rose was swift to shut down the haters.

In a long response posted to both Twitter and Instagram, she pointed out that historically, queer and trans people have often been turned away from emergency shelters—especially those operated by religious organizations—based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.

"The LGBT center does not just help LGBT members in a crisis like this," Rose wrote. "It is one of the most inclusive organizations I can think of."

"It is not as though the check how gay you are on entry," she added. "Unfortunately many organizations have in the past denied people entry based on the above. However I am extremely proud to hear how Texans have joined forces in such a beautiful, heartwarming way."

The Australian model-actress revealed that she'd made other donations, but simply hadn't mentioned them. "Truthfully I just don't post everything I do," she wrote. "As it's not really about that."

"This was a unique situation as the benefit in creating awareness to the center outweighed the usual criticism of 'Is that all you donated?' or 'Why gay people' or 'attention seeker,' etc. It's far more rewarding to donate anonymously by a long mile."

Thankfully, she also received lots of love to balance out the hate.

"Houston appreciates!" wrote one fan tweeted. "Some don't understand that any amount helps. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you."

Other kind responses included "You have a big heart," and, "Thank you. This is incredibly generous. You are such a nice and decent woman."

A number of people promised to follow Rose's lead and make their own donations to the Montrose Center. (If you want to, as well, click here.)

On Instagram, fans stuck up for Rose and slammed her detractors in the comments.

"How 'wonderful' those people are, when they see someone cares about LGBT community, they attack that person for not being fair," one wrote. "Please give me a break. When you can't donate any money for anyone, stop complaining and showing hate on [those] who actually did."


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