The Spice Girls Might Be Recording A New Song

Three of the girls were spotted together at a London recording studio this week.

The three remaining members of The Spice Girls are determined to reunite for the 20th anniversary of "Wannabe" this year, and new reports suggest they may even be gearing up to drop a brand new single before the year ends.

Mel B has been the unofficial ringleader for the potential reunion, which likely won't include Victoria Beckham or Mel C.

In a new interview on ITV's Lorraine on Wednesday, Mel dished on her love for the gay community and had some more cryptic updates on the potential reunion.

"The gay community has been so supportive to The Spice Girls and all of us individually," she said of her upcoming hosting gig at the British LGBT Awards. "It's nice that I can be involved in this and give back a little bit."

Asked about the potential reunion, she said: "We definitely want to do something because it's a celebration of us still doing our thing 20 years on and still being a part of each other, so we'll see what happens. We're all just kind of in talks right now — I had a nice cup of tea with Geri and Emma last night, which was lovely."​

Her update sounds innocent enough, but Attitude has the receipts on how this 'coffee date' may have actually been a date with the recording studio.

According to the magazine, music artists Astronomyy and Sarah Close were live-tweeting about being in the studio next to the girls that same day.

"The Spice Girls are in the studio next door to me," Close reportedly tweeted before deleting. "Today I had a glass of prosecco with the Spice Girls," Astronomyy added.

Earlier that day, producer Eliot Kennedy posted some cryptic tweets of his own.

"Now that was a day for the history books. Like 20 years had never happened," he wrote. "Proper friendship! Hit song!"

We don't want to incite a riot or anything, but now is probably a good time to properly FREAK OUT.

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