Nyle DiMarco Made "Dancing With The Stars" History With First Same-Sex Dance

It's time for him to win the whole competition!

We've been telling you about how Nyle DiMarco is destroying the competition on this season of Dancing With The Stars, but the sexually fluid model just made headlines again by being the first male star to perform a same-sex dance on the show.

As part of Monday night's Judge's Team-Up Challenge, in which two stars are paired together and then coached by one of the show's three judges, DiMarco was paired with Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin.

The challenge began as a typical classic dance to the "Habanera" by Georges Bizet, but eventually transitioned into a steamy same-sex dance number that wowed the crowd.

“This is a Dancing With The Stars first, having same-sex dancing," DiMarco proudly stated, before being asked what it was like to be the one lifted in a routine this time around.

"“Well, it’s a different experience," he replied. "Usually I’m lifting Peta but...should it only be for a woman? Maybe Peeta can lift me at some stage?"

The episode also featured DiMarco dancing in complete silence at one point, to illustrate to the judges and audience what it sounds like for the deaf model when he's competing.

Check out the steamy same-sex dance routine below.

h/t: Towleroad