ISIS Kills Four Men, Including Two Of Their Own, For Suspicion Of Homosexuality

LGBT people in the region are living in a constant state of terror.

ISIS militants murdered four men suspected of being gay in Mosul on Saturday, including two of its own members.

According to Iraqi News, a local source claimed the men were executed on "charges of homosexuality and sodomy"— charges we've come to learn aren't necessarily always true or even prosecuted.

Based on previous similar reports out of ISIS-controlled territory, men who are merely suspected of being gay are usually just publicly accused before they're blindfolded, marched to a rootfop, and thrown to their deaths all while baying, murderous mobs look on.

It's a terrifying ordeal that has left LGBT people in the region permanently scarred. They live in constant fear of being killed, but fear the thought of leaving their homes and families even more.

"The execution was carried out by throwing the men from the top of a former insurance company building," the source reported.

Afterward, their lifeless bodies were transferred to Al-Khasfah hole, a corpse dumping ground for ISIS, and simply thrown on top of the pile.

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