Will Young Highlights The Strength Of Trans People In New "Brave Man" Video

"To be vulnerable IS to be strong," writes Young.

English singer-songwriter Will Young has an empowering message for the entire LGBT community in his new song, “Brave Man.”

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The out Pop Idol winner dropped a video for the song, the third single featured on his sixth studio album 85% Proof, today, along with a powerful message on Facebook.

In the video, a young man is seen shedding his clothing before stepping out of a bar and onto the streets naked. He’s covering himself liberally with two polaroids and his own hands, and maintains a deadpan stare as passersby ridicule and poke fun at him.

Young sings:

I'm a brave man

Running through the rain

I'm a brave man

Not scared to feel the pain

I'm a brave man

Follow me alone

Not afraid to tumble

Not afraid to fall

I'm a brave man

At the end of the video, the man is revealed to be transgender. He takes the two polaroids, pictures of his former self, and throws them into the ocean.

Young wrote on Facebook:

I had been following a very different idea for the video to Brave Man. When this didn't come to fruition I went back to the drawing board and wondered to myself what it is to be a 'brave man.'

It came to me.

It seems extremely brave to be a man in a woman's body and then decide to do something about this.

As I thought more about it, I realised that there is often coverage of what it is to be a woman in a man’s body, but never to my knowledge the documenting of the opposite (almost a perverted kind of patriarchy).

So the video came about.

My next move was to go to Wiz who I have now worked with four times on music films. I say film because the way Wiz shoots creates something that always seems like a film, as opposed to a video. Something with a narrative that leaves me thinking about what I have just viewed.

Wiz had been thinking about doing a film about a transgender man and so the world aligned, as it often does, when something feels right and we made the video.

Wiz already knew Fox, a transgender man, and through casting we found Finn. The vulnerability, strength and intelligence he has is so abundant on camera. Really, I have not met someone like him before. Someone who has an inherent strength and a determination whilst also holding such vulnerability.

To be vulnerable IS to be strong.

To express and show this is actually the bravest and most wonderful thing to do.

I know that transgender people do not like being called brave. It is something that is innate. Not a choice, but a given. Being a gay man I feel the same. I

wasn't 'brave' to come out, it was simply what I had to do.

I am used to prejudice though. Through tough times embracing myself as someone 'different' allowed me to embrace all differences in others, to embrace their vulnerability and their struggles as well as their inner strength and determination to be their true authentic selves. When I wrote the song, this is what I was referring to – the determination in modern life to be my authentic self.

In this video we see a man determined to be himself in the face of all adversity from inside and outside. It isn't brave but, my god, it shows true grit and strength. What a wonderful thing. This video isn't about selling records or my personal benefit. This video is about taking a moment in time to explore a section of society who stand up for themselves. To tell a story and offer a window through music into someone's life.

No one but Wiz could have done it in such a non-sensationalist and honest way. I've never felt so humbled and proud.

Check out the video for "Brave Man" below: