Mike Doyle Peddles For Dessert, Gregg Sulkin's Threeway Massage, Jack Falahee's Prehistoric Realness: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Robbie Rogers got me pregnant, Ryan Kelly's pretty as a princess, Chris Colfer is a man about town in Clovis

Well, if Jack is a method actor, then season two has some surprises

Friday night on set. Working hard. #htgawm #dinosaurs #dinohustle

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But he does find time to do good in his down time

If I have to work off my ice cream before I eat it, I'll just have a salad

@themikedoyle is really nailing ice cream making at @peddlerscreamery

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Can he do something with lighting and make me look like you?

So are group bro massages a thing now?

Dancing is rough

Max and Daniel should be next to each other

About last night... We absolutely did NOT destroy that escape room. #fail

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I suppose hoping the little guy eats him is asking too much?

Well, you've grown up. Just as well you're leaving your DisneyXD show and moving on


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Every day can be an island day if you wish it

Feelin #hawaiianstyle all day ? #aloha #hawaii #maui

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I was unaware I had ovaries until I saw this picture

Baby chunk stare down. @cocohanold #BabyPenny

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Remember the gender-flipped Harley Quinn in progress I showed you the other day? It's done

Where the hell is my sexy Joker?

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I was completely unaware we were doing this again

Oh, honey. It's not your color

It looks like a breakup photo

Divergent ideas on what the tone of the picture should be

But is there a gay guy? (I do know one character is a lesbian)

Jack did more by 16 than I will ever accomplish in my life, and now he's spreading his research to Australia

Isn't that the same town he used to say wasn't very good to him?

Somebody get some holy water

Geez. Bitter, table for two. Out and Washington Blade can sit and bitch about celebrities that don't find their publications relevant enough to interrupt their lives for them