Absolutely Fabulous Movie Is Happening, Jennifer Saunders Confirms

Absolutely Fabulous will indeed be coming back, creator Jennifer Saunders reveals. But glamorhounds Patsy and Edina will be finding their way to our local cineplex, not our television sets.

“There isn’t [a movie] but there will be,” the British comedian recently told UK chat show This Morning’. “I’m close to picking up a pen, that’ how close it is.” This week Saunders re-posted a fanmade AbFab movie poster with a 2015 premiere date.

An AbFab movie has long been talked about, but Lumley told TV personality Jonathan Ross that "Jennifer tends to work to deadlines, so we’ve got to create a deadline and then get her there.”

Right now, Saunders is promoting her memoir, which recounts her career, her friendship with comedy partner Dawn French, and her brush with breast cancer.

“I was very lucky... My boobs were so enormous to begin with and they could do the lumpectomy without having to do a mastectomy," she explains. "But to do the lumpectomy they had to take enough flesh out round the lump, so my bosom would be smaller... “[The surgeon said to me], ‘Do you want the other one smaller?’ and I said, ‘So what, I would have one huge one and one small one?!’

To get your Absolutely Fabulous fix now, visit Logo TV's AbFab page for clips and full episodes.

Note: An earlier version of this article neglected to clarify that the movie poster was a parody.