Exposed: Manhunt And The Mormon Church Are One And The Same

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We found out earlier that downstairs from our NewNowNext office in Times Square was a billboard for none other than everyone's favorite gay hookup site, Manhunt.

Looking out our windows, we realized that gazing at the Manhunt ad from right across the street was a billboard for, reminding passersby that Christmas isn't just about the condemnation of the homosexual agenda and marginalization of women and minorities, but it is also about Jesus Christ.

We immediately sent our industrious intern (me) to investigate and take pictures for a post we thought would become just another funny juxtaposition of Jesus and jockstraps.

We brushed past the throngs of tourists in Times Square as they vied for bad Broadway seats and booth tables at Bubba Gump Shrimp and looked up at he electronic billboard above where Annie is showing.

What we found chilled us to our very core.

Not only were there Mormon billboards facing the Manhunt sign, the Mormon billboards WERE THE MANHUNT SIGN!!!

Dun, dun, DUNNNNN!

The electronic Manhunt sign alternates every few moments between the chiseled physiques of Manhunt models who just DARE the the gay European tourists and Long Island fathers in "on business" not to drop everything and have some anonymous gay sex....

....and the just blond enough heads of LDS church members smiling because it is Christmas. And, in addition to Christmas being about Jesus Christ and family as the Mormon billboards say, it is just as much about an innocent 19-year-old Lacrosse player named Nephi breaking out of Salt Lake City and really learning what New York City is all about!

As appalled as we are that Manhunt is likely a pawn of the Mormon establishment, we do want to give young Nephi a bit of our sage advice: don't tell him your real name and whatever you do don't forget anything at his house. Have fun!

Mormons Accept Homosexuality, Not Joking

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