Indiana Pizza Parlor Forced To Close After Announcing It Won't Cater Gay Weddings

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Kevin O'Connor, owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, probably didn't realize what he was getting into when he told a local reporter his restaurant wouldn't cater a gay wedding.

Within hours of the story getting out, Memories' Yelp page was flooded with complaints, insults and raunchy photos directed at the pizza parlor's baked-in bigotry.

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Now O’Connor tells TMZ he's had to temporarily close the restaurant after getting threatening phone calls and social media postings. Now we don't want Memories Pizza to close because of threats—we want them to close because nobody wants to eat their crappy pizza or support their discriminatory policy.

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O'Connor says he would never deny service to gay people, he just wouldn't provide pizzas for a gay wedding. Now I know a lot of you are thinking "Who would have pizza at a wedding?!" but we've seen donut wedding cakes and hot-dog receptions.

A slice of pepperoni—from an equality loving establishment, of course—might be a nice  change of pace from the rubber chicken you usually get.

We'll leave you with a screenshot of what's now on We're not sure if it's a fake site, or hackers took it over, but we tip our pizza boxes to whomever is responsible.

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