Letter To Myself: Words of Strength, Insight, And Resilience From 40 Remarkable Queer People

LGBT celebrities and activists in conversation with the most important individuals from their pasts—themselves.

If you could send a message to a former version of yourself, what would you write?

In anticipation of National Coming Out Day on October 11, we posed this question to 40 prominent figures in the LGBT community who hail from diverse industries, backgrounds, and experiences. The results range in length and style, but all stand testament to the bravery and wisdom of their writers.

As queer people continue to struggle in today's hostile political environment, we hope these letters provide comfort and power to LGBT youth, rising changemakers, and you.

Melissa Etheridge, Musician

Read Melissa Etheridge's letter.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Actor

Read Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman's letter.

Alicia Garza, Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter

Read Alicia Garza's letter.

Schuyler Bailar, Athlete/Student

Read Schuyler Bailar's letter.

Zeke Thomas, Musician/Activist

Read Zeke Thomas' letter.

Sasha Velour, Drag Queen

Read Sasha Velour's letter.

Noah Galvin, Actor

Read Noah Galvin's letter.

Jazz Jennings, Trans Activist/Author

Read Jazz Jennings' letter.

Peppermint, Drag Queen

Read Peppermint's letter.

Omar Sharif Jr., Actor/Activist

Read Omar Sharif Jr.'s letter.

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD

Read Sarah Kate Ellis' letter.

Rhea Butcher, Comedian

Read Rhea Butcher's letter.

Mary Lambert, Musician

Read Mary Lambert's letter.

Elliott Sailors, Model

Read Elliott Sailors' letter.

Tatenda Ngwaru, Intersex Advocate

Read Tatenda Ngwaru's letter.

Gavin Rayna Russom, Musician

Read Gavin Rayna Russom's letter.

Amit Paley, CEO of The Trevor Project

Read Amit Paley's letter.

Ashlee Marie Preston, Journalist/Trans Activist

Read Ashlee Marie Preston's letter.

Daniel Franzese, Actor

Read Daniel Franzese's letter.

Angela Robinson, Director/Producer

Read Angela Robinson's letter.

Brayton Bowman, Musician

Read Brayton Bowman's letter.

Garrard Conley, Author

Read Garrard Conley's letter.

Adam Shankman, Director/Choreographer

Read Adam Shankman's letter.

Josh Dixon, Athlete

Read Josh Dixon's letter.

Jacob Tobia, Nonbinary Author

Read Jacob Tobia's letter.

Jeffrey Costello, Fashion Designer

Read Jeffrey Costello's letter.

Robert Tagliapietra, Fashion Designer

Read Robert Tagliapietra letter.

Jay Blotcher, ACT UP Activist

Read Jay Blotcher's letter.

Jorge Valencia, Executive Director and CEO of The Point Foundation

Read Jorge Valencia's letter.

Shea Diamond, Musician

Read Shea Diamond's letter.

Wrabel, Musician

Read Wrabel's letter.

Drew Droege, Actor/Comedian

Read Drew Droege's letter.

Sam Tsui, Musician

Read Sam Tsui's letter.

Rod Thomas, Musician

Read Rod Thomas' letter.

Kathy Tu, "Nancy" Podcast Co-Host

Read Kathy Tu's letter.

Tobin Low, "Nancy" Podcast Co-Host

Read Tobin Low's letter.

Angelica Ross, Actor/Activist

Read Angelica Ross' letter.

Mara Keisling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality

Read Mara Keisling's letter.

Mathew Shurka, Anti-Conversion Therapy Activist

Read Mathew Shurka's letter.

Mitchell Gold, Furniture Designer

Read Mitchell Gold's letter.

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