Jane Fonda and Sandra Bernhard Take Over "Watch What Happens Live" And We All Win

It's no secret that Jane Fonda is my favorite movie star of all time, so when she sits down with a gregarious homosexual (two, in fact -- hey, Sandra Bernhard!) on live late night TV and spills about Elizabeth Taylor ("A mensch!"), Faye Dunaway ("Sad."), and Ted Turner's misbegotten fling with Bo Derek, I need to make it everyone's responsibility to listen up.

First, let's learn about the role Jane desperately wanted and didn't get.

Next, let's watch as Jane spills on Lindsay Lohan, Faye Dunaway, Robert Redford, Katharine Hepburn, and Lily Tomlin.

And for the hell of it, let's watch as Jane and Sandra sort through a bunch of workout tape titles and pick out the real and phony ones.

Here are my reactions, numbered as usual.

1) Love the Bonnie and Clyde shade. It's interesting to think of Jane in the role of Bonnie Parker, but Cat Ballouprovided her sufficient enough room for cowgirl antics.

2) I have to say, I am still baffled and awed by the descent of Faye Dunaway. I know she's crazy from first-hand accounts of friends who've been harassed and/or SLAPPED by Faye in person, but still: Girl, you were in Chinatown. Network. How are you what you are? I will forever wonder.

3) Kate Hepburn was prickly. Yes.

4) I'm slightly disappointed that Jane couldn't think of a male costar she didn't have much chemistry with. Might I suggest one? How about her film debut in Tall Story, when she played a college cheerleader opposite hunky basketball star Anthony Perkins? Just spitballing here.

5) Aw, Sandra's a good Jane Fonda fan. Loved her reaction to the Robert Redford-hates-kissing reveal.

6) It has to be said: Bravo, Andy Cohen. This was an educational hour.

What were your favorite moments?

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