Nick Jonas On Using Sexuality "As Ammunition," His Intentions With The LGBT Community

Criticize him all you want— this man is never going to leave us alone.

Nick Jonas serves brooding, half-naked pop star (again) in a photo shoot for Wonderland magazine's Autumn 2016 fashion issue.

"Big thank you to @WonderlandMag for featuring me on your cover," the 24-year-old singer wrote on Instagram. "Issue out now in the UK!"

In a series of shots inside the magazine, Nick is laid back and lounging in a pair of white boxers and a loose-fitting tank top.

In an accompanying interview, Nick addressed his oft-discussed sexuality and the criticism he regularly gets for trying to be an ally to the LGBT community.

"Sexuality is important as an artist, to embrace and use it as ammunition in your creative life, and understanding that part of your life, and how it makes you feel," he said.

Nick added that despite what his critics think, he'll continue reaching out and being an active supporter of the LGBT community.

"I'm totally aware of my intentions in and any and all of my attempts to be an ally to the LGBT community," he said.

"Starting in theatre growing into the performer I am today, I’ve made so many great friends belonging to the LGBT community. The positive impact is 10 times more important than the negative comments."

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