Exclusive: Does John Waters Think He Can Snatch the Grammy From Michelle Obama?

"She could be ‘Mrs. Know-It-All’ and I could be ‘Mr. Not Becoming," the camp icon tells Michael Musto.

The legendary John Waters has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio version of his book Mr. Know-It-All, and improbably enough, he’s up against former First Lady Michelle Obama for her memoir, Becoming. I can only hope they tie.

Contacted for a response, the witty “Pope of Trash” told me, “This is my second nomination in the spoken word category Grammy. The first time, it was for the audiobook of Role Models, and Joan Rivers died and beat me. This time, Michelle Obama will live and beat me, too. I wish we could read each other’s books aloud at the awards ceremony—she could be ‘Mrs. Know-It-All’ and I could be ‘Mr. Not Becoming.’ I am honored to be included with all five of the nominees.” (Which also includes the Beastie Boys!)

Meanwhile, there’s a chance for Waters fans to become winners, as well. Next September 11-14, the cult auteur will return to Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut, for the fourth annual Camp John Waters weekend. Activities will include a John Waters costume contest judged by Waters himself, plus dance parties, fireside storytelling, a Waters movie marathon, Hairspray karaoke, and Bloody Mary Bingo. And the guest counselors? They are well-known Waters actors Kathleen Turner, Patricia Hearst, and Mink Stole—three people I’d love to sing “Kumbaya” with.

If Michelle Obama wants to get campy, I’m sure she’d also be welcome, and she can even bring her Grammy.

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