Joe Simpson Gaygate 2012: He's Never Coming Out

[caption id="attachment_78017" align="aligncenter" width="607"]joe simpson gay Keeping quiet. Photo Credit: Getty Images[/caption]

Joe Simpson's new found homosexuality has been in the news for well over a week now, with reports of him revealing his sexual decision to his family and an interview with an eager NYC escort who wanted to talk all about their time together, but it seems like Joey Boy is just ignoring the news.

That's right folks, Joe is never, ever coming out.

“Joe doesn’t want to publicly admit he’s gay,” Nick Lachey a source told “Despite his alleged dalliances with gay men, he’s still a devout family man. He knows he’s deeply embarrassed Tina, Jessica and Ashlee, especially by the way he’s been outed."

Then there is, of course, the more obvious and likely reason Joe is staying closeted.

"Joe’s also afraid of destroying his reputation as a pastor and a Christian. In his youth group he spoke against homosexuality and taught his kids that it was wrong. He would look pretty hypocritical if he came out now."

So now we most likely just sit back as more  boy toys come forward, and wait for Joe to speak.

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