Jessica Lange Hints At Return To "AHS," Kinda Shades Lady Gaga's Acting Ability

What does Jessica Lange think about Lady Gaga stepping into the American Horror Story franchise now that she has left the show? Well, in an interview with The Daily Beast, she may have thrown a little shade Gaga's way.

"How do you feel about her leading the show in your absence?" asked writer Kevin Fallon.

"She’ll be surrounded by all those great actors," said the Emmy-winning actress. "The same ones I had the great opportunity to work with," she continued after a long, juicy pause (we imagine).

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Lange explained her comment a little further: "I have no idea if [Gaga's] an actor or not. But I’m sure it will all work out. I don’t know what the season is, what they’re doing, what the premise is, who the characters are. But all I can say is she’s going to have good writing and she’s going to have great actors to work with. It’s a good start."


In a separate interview last week, Lange also said she'd be open to appearing on AHS: Hotel for a few episodes. Does she think the whole thing will collapse and Ryan Murphy will come crying to her for help?

Well, we hope that Lady Gaga turns it out and blossoms in her role as AHS' resident grand diva. Of course, we'd still love to see Jessica come back—even if just for a cameo. Can you imagine Mother Monster versus the Supreme?

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