Demolition Gets a Drag Makeover in Groovy First Trailer for “Trixie Motel”

Hi, (flip or) flop!

The "gays and grays" of Palm Springs better watch out: Trixie Mattel is now a desert diva.

The drag superstar is expanding her fempire — which already includes a makeup line, music, books, and sold-out tours — to include being... a hotelier? That's exactly the premise of Trixie Motel, the new Discovery+ renovation series that the All Stars winner announced a year ago, and now we get our first glimpse of the resort renovation in a dazzling new trailer.

Courtesy of Discovery+

As seen on Trixie Motel, host Trixie Mattel gets a special surprise visit from Lisa Vanderpump and is given some helpful insight into how to turn this project into a success.

The first preview shows Trixie arriving to Palm Springs in a pink convertible, ready to enlist her partner David Silver, interior designer Dani Dazey, and a bevy of celeb guest stars, to help her live out her demolition dreams and give an old motel a dazzling facelift. Demolition and drag, what could go wrong?

"With this motel, it's ovah. It's so incredible. Nobody will walk through this place and compare it to anything that's ever existed," Trixie tells EW about her new project. "Sleeping in these rooms, it's like going to sleep in an art installation. It makes every other hotel look like four walls and a bed. If a drag queen owns it, you can't exactly make it the Kimpton. You need to go bigger."

Trixie also reveals that over the course of the eight episodes she recruits 17 of her famous friends to help her with the retro reno. The drag superstar also teases that she "had more looks on this show than probably most seasons of Drag Race."

Courtesy of Discovery+

Trixie Mattel poses in the finished Pink Flamingo room, as seen on Trixie Motel.

The famous friends Trixie secured "free labor" from are Lisa Vanderpump, Iggy Azalea, Jonathan Bennett, Juno Birch, Brittany Broski, Nicole Byer, Zooey Deschanel, Gigi Gorgeous, Jaida Essence Hall, Emily Hampshire, Leslie Jordan, Orville Peck, Property Brother Jonathan Scott, The Old Gays, Nic Scheppard and Jenson Titus of Very Gay Paint, and Belinda Carlisle.

“When I first walked into the dark and dingy motel, I was disgusted, horrified and I just wanted to take a match to the place,” Trixie said in a new statement. “But then I thought about how a little paint and glitter can turn a 32-year-old bald man from Wisconsin into a Hollywood darling, and I knew with our talented team and some strategic reconstructive surgery, we could turn this dump into a dazzler!”

As if Trixie Motel wasn't enough, the superstar queen teases that it could become a chain, with other versions of the retro resort popping up around the country in places like Nashville and Florida. Honey, consider our rooms booked.

Trixie Motel premieres Friday, June 3 on Discovery+, until then check out the groovy new trailer below.

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