Adele's "Hello" Gets A Queer Romance Remake That Will Break Your Heart

The footage highlights a painful struggle many of our LGBT elders have endured.

Adele's "Hello" is heartbreaking enough on its own, but the song takes on a whole new variety of heartbreak in a new short film with a queer twist.

The haunting clip below reframes the tune as a message between queer lovers reminiscing about what could have been if they chose each other over what society wanted for them. It features a beautiful cover of "Hello" set against repurposed footage from Paper Ring's music video "Great Escape," starring Maxemillian Corkum and Diana De Rosa, directed by filmmaker Sal Bardo.

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In it, an elderly woman appears to leave her marriage, packing her bag and offering a heartfelt goodbye to her sleeping husband before trekking into a snowy landscape to reunite with a former girlfriend. The two embrace amid flashbacks to vintage footage of their younger years together.

By the end, their meeting turns out to be nothing more than a wild dream as the camera returns to the woman's bedroom, showing her mid-daydream whilst staring at the unpacked suitcase in the corner.

It's an ode to the oppressive lives our queer elders were often forced to choose, and should be required watching for anyone proud of the recent historic accomplishments our community has made.

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