24 European Countries Still Require Trans People To Get Sterilized

The list includes France, Greece and Switzerland.

While there's increased awareness of the crises for LGBT people in places like Uganda and Jamaica, even so-called tolerant nations still discriminate: There are 24 countries in Europe, for example, that require trans people to undergo sterilization in order to receive documents and IDs that match their gender identity.

The list includes France, Greece and Switzerland. In some instances, the law can explicitly request forced sterilization, while other statutes require proof of gender reassignment or a medical examination.

Transgender Europe has mapped out the countries that require sterilization in red.

Some countries will only recognize adult trans people, while others, like Finland, also require trans people be single to received proper recognition.

The group explains:

The Council of Europe demands that its member states provide for legal gender recognition, but only 35 countries in Europe do so, and only one currently does not demand that trans people undergo sterilization or medical interventions, divorce, or a psychological diagnosis or assessment.

These abusive requirements, or the lack of legislation altogether, mean that most trans people are stuck with documents that do not match their gender identity.

Most existing gender recognition procedures are also very lengthy and complicated. A medical and legal limbo is inscribed in nearly all existing laws regulating gender recognition.

Some countries are taking steps to rectify the situation: Denmark has become the first country in the world to stop classifying trans people as mentally ill, and Sweden is offering compensation to people forced to undergo sterilization.

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