HBO Renews "We're Here"—Where Do the Queens Want to Film Season 2?

Eureka is ready to say aloha to Hawaii!

Finally, some good news!

This week, HBO aired the season finale of We're Here, its new docuseries following the Holy Trinity—RuPaul's Drag Race vets Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka O’Hara, duh—as they travel across America and drag up small-town U.S.A. along the way. Think of it as To Wong Foo…, the TV series, or Queer Eye with drag queens.

Khun Minn Ohn/HBO

Today, Nina Rosenstein, executive vice president of HBO Programming, announced We're Here has been renewed for a second season, saying that the show resonated "in ways we had hoped for but couldn’t really have anticipated."

“The stories of our small-town drag daughters created an incredibly positive communal experience," Rosenstein added. "We can’t wait for Bob, Shangela and Eureka to continue their journey helping others find their voice.”

The production of We're Here was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the creative team will hopefully resume filming once it is safe to do so.

When NewNowNext spoke with the We're Here queens earlier this year, they were asked where they would like to drive their elephant van to next once the country opens back up.

Johnnie Ingram/HBO

"I'll go anywhere because I loved it, but I really want to come back to my hometown of Paris, Texas. I think that would be something super special," Shangela told us. "All of us are from small towns. Eureka's from a small one in Tennessee, and Bob's from a small one in Georgia."

"I would love for us to return to our small town and have an impact there. I think it would mean so much, not only to me and for my family to be able to see my journey in drag, but also for everyone who's in my small town like me who grew up and basically, 'Look, Shangela didn't forget about us. She came back,'" the Halleloo henny explained.

Bob agreed with Shangie that going back to where they grew up could make for some good TV: "I mean, normally small towns aren't my destination spot, but I guess I would love to go back to one of the small towns that I grew up in. That would be amazing."

Jakes Giles Netter/HBO

Eureka said it would be "incredible" to go back to their old high schools all done up in drag, but she pitched the trio traveling outside the continental 48: "I would love to be able to do a Hawaiian city. There's a big drag circuit in Hawaii, but that has its own element of small town-ness because it's native to Hawaii. Maybe even Alaska, it'd be fun!"

A drag queen lūʻau sounds fierce!

Hopefully, we can see the drag trio don some grass skirts when We're Here returns for Season 2.