Doctor Mike, Instagram's Newest Sensation, Is Worth Getting Sick For

Is he seeing anyone?

Meet Mike. He's a doctor. He's also hot as hell.

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Dr. Mike is a 2nd year medical resident who describes himself as "just a man and his dog against the world."

The adorable husky's name is Roxy.

In the day since BuzzFeed first introduced the world to Dr. Mike, his Instagram following has blown up, growing to nearly half a million.

And it's easy to see why.

We took on the harrowing task of deep diving through all 323 of Mike's Instagram posts to find some of the best (note: they were all the best, so this is just some random faves).

He's an expert sommelier.

Mirror selfie giving serious Colton Haynes vibes.

This image brought to you by woof.

He's down with the drag. Halleloo!

That smile for real though.

Tie that surgical mask, Dr. Mike!

He's supes affectionate.

He owns a Loro Piano suit.

He's friends with our squad.

He's not afraid to hold up art but also flex his beautiful arms.

He's intellectual.




*Cries out in ecstasy*

In conclusion, Dr. Mike is our #ManCrushEVERYDAY.