We Are Women, Hear Us Roar, See Us Inspire

-- Dorothy Snarker from

God bless women! Can I get

an amen? While it may seem redundant to sing

the praises of women on a site for gay/bi women, I say we can never lift our voices high enough when it

comes to the truly inspirational women of this world. I’ve always

looked to other women, real and fictional, as my role models. Whenever

I’m feeling a little down, I use their wit and wisdom to lift me up.

Whether on the big or small screen, something about the righteous (or

riotous) indignation of a woman is just so satisfying. It practically


So in honor of Scribegrrrl’s

impending departure (sob, sniffle, bawl!), let’s burn bright with

sisterfire today.

The Linster and I have assembled some of the best speechifying by fabulous female characters to celebrate the fabulous female that is


Bette Porter

(The L Word): No additional explanation required.

Julia Sugarbaker

(Designing Women): Sugarbaker sisterhood is powerful.

Buffy Summers

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Are you ready to be strong?

Miranda Bailey

(Grey’s Anatomy): Five rules to live by.

C.J. Cregg

(The West Wing): With friends like these.

Captain Janeway

(Star Trek: Voyager): Live long and, well, you know.

Thanks for the memories. Feel

free to share your own favorite female character moments below. So,

now can I get that amen?

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