Green Lantern Goes Gay: Exclusive Interview

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After much speculation, we can reveal that Green Lantern Alan Scott will come out as gay in DC Comics' forthcoming issue of EARTH TWO #2. We here at NewNowNext were lucky enough to chat with writer James Robinson about the issue and where the decision came from. He sounds like a really cool guy, and, we must say, we wish every straight dude in the world was like James.

James came to DC with the idea of making Alan gay about eight months ago, but not of making that the defining characteristic of the superhero. As he explained to us, Alan is a, "brave, heroic guy who is admired by many and the kind of guy you want to be around. It just happens that one trait that he has is that he is gay."

As for fans who may want to go back to EARTH TWO #1 looking for clues about Alan's sexuality, don't bother. "There were no real hints in EARTH TWO #1," James tells us. "The first issue is a prequel to everything and introduction to Alan, a young media mogul who is a bit like Mark Zuckerberg meets David Geffen."

In making Alan Scott gay however, especially as he was the original Green Lantern, some might be afraid of backlash -- but not James. "You have to move with the times," he explains quite simply.

If anything, it would seem DC just scored themselves a new fan base.

You can pick up EARTH TWO #2 June 6.

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