Here Are The Most Trans-Friendly Companies In America

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2015 Corporate Equality Index–the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees–recently polled some 4,500 American companies on how LGBT friendly their work environments were.

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While 366 of the companies received a 100% acceptance rating for its LGBT employees, 72 rose from the batch as the very best places to work for trans people, in specific.

Among the top-companies were AT&T, Dell, Macy's, Starbucks, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Target and Wells Fargo.

Here's the full list.

A great deal of work still needs to be done toward trans equality, as most states do not include gender identity or expression in their anti-discrimination statutes.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey reported that a staggering 90% of trans people reported harassment at their workplace. And 47% say they were either fired or refused employment because of their gender identity.

Deena Fidas, head of HRC's Workplace Equality Program, says its in company's best interest to be more inclusive.

Employers that take meaningful steps to facilitate greater transgender inclusion in their workplaces, from non-discrimination protections to inclusive benefits, are not just doing the right thing for workers, but they are strategically setting themselves apart from other companies competing for talent and innovation.

Comprehensively addressing transgender inclusion is critical to remaining relevant as broader social attitudes, as well as legal mandates, continue to advance.

In other words, get with the program everyone else.

h/t: Business Insider