Lesbian Couple Pinned Down And Brutally Attacked By Neighbors

"She started to insult us, saying 'sick lesbians. Suddenly, she and her daughter started to punch us."

A lesbian couple was brutally attacked by their neighbors outside their home in Bogota, Colombia.

Marita Perilla posted security video depicting her and her wife, Isabel Gaviria, attacked by a mother and daughter who lived next door.

Tensions rose in September, when Yackeline and Angie Hurtado heard Perilla and Gaviria arguing and called the police. But the couple claimed it was merely a brief marital "tiff," and asked their neighbors to retract the complaint. "My wife and I have been together for nine years and we have been married a year and a half," Perilla said. "Last Wednesday we had an argument as all couples do, but it only took two minutes. We have never had problems before."

But the request only added to an ongoing feud.

Perilla claims that, on September 24, Hurtado deliberately blocked her parking space and confronted the women in their doorway. When Perilla told them she was recording everything they said, Angie Hurtado reportedly took her phone away. The altercation quickly became physical.

Maria Perilla

"Yackeline Hurtado... was waiting for me to answer in a violent way, but we only told her to retract [the letter]," Perilla wrote on Facebook. "She started to insult us, saying 'sick lesbians. Suddenly, she and her daughter started to punch us."

Perilla says Angie “threw herself at me. I hit the floor and she started hitting me."

“My wife was beaten up against the car that was in our parking lot,” she recalled. “[They] had me on the floor while I was being beaten... I had two people attacking me at the same time.”

Gaviria managed to get free and go for help. They're going public with their story because “[we] want to raise awareness and support for all those who are part of the LGBTI community."

"We know that they must raise their voices," she added, "and not allow such situations to be forgotten and unpunished.”