Spice on Her Favorite 'Drag Race' Season 15 Moment and Her Sweet Reunion With Sugar

"I did win the hearts of these girls somehow and the love was just so felt."

Spice really added a kick to RuPaul's Drag Race, and even though she never won a mini or maxi challenge, she did win over her fellow Season 15 queens. 

From the moment Sugar and Spice trotted into the workroom together, they were written off as just the pretty twins from TikTok, but over the course of the season they proved there was more to their drag than their doll-inspired makeup and outfits.

The two battled it out in the Lip Sync For Your Life in Episode 4, with Sugar being asked to sashay away, but Spice remained in the competition, elevating her drag week after week, learning from her more seasoned sisters like Mistress Isabelle Brooks.

On the extra special 200th episode of Drag Race, the queens had to walk the runway in three different looks in The Crystal Ball challenge. They were able to bring two of their fashion ensembles but had to make the third. After Spice was critiqued for her crystal couture, she found herself in the bottom against Salina EsTitties. The two performed Lil Nas X's "That's What I Want," but in the end Salina was declared the winner, with Spice being asked to sashay away.

Spice spoke with Logo about her time on Drag Race, including her favorite moment from the competition, if she ever forgot the words to her lip syncs, and what her reunion with Sugar was like.

So before we start talking about this week's episode, I want to go back to the Lip Sync LaLaPaRuza. What was going through your mind when Anetra saved you?

Honestly, at that point, I was fully convinced that I was going home. I was fully convinced Miss Spice was going to be trotting away from the competition. So I was just so gagged that she said my name. I was almost in disbelief. I was like, "Wait, wait, wait, what?" So that's why you just see me run off. That was honestly my favorite part of the whole entire competition. I just felt the love. I mean, y'all saw, but there was so much more when I walked in [the workroom] and the girls were just giving me my praises. Because I really thought I wasn't going to see them. Jax didn't even say goodbye to any of the girls, so I was just so happy to see all the girls and they were so... They just like, "Oh, you were having so much fun. You were so entertaining to watch." They were hyping me up. They were like, "You won some of those lip-syncs." I was like, "What?" Because when you're doing the lip syncs, I'm like, "Okay. Well, I guess I'm just not giving." So the love was felt, and I was definitely surprised by Anetra saving me, for sure.

So that was your favorite moment in the competition?

Absolutely. That's why I was so drunk on Untucked. I was just drinking everything. I was like, "We're getting Olive Garden tonight. I am being fat and ugly. I just got another life."

Let's move on to this week's episode. How was it doing that Lady Gaga photo bomb?

That was so fun. Because that's the thing with my drag, I love to present this perfect collector plastic doll perfection, but really I'm a crazy ass bitch. So I love to just get weird and ugly. Sometimes it's just so hard to just be so pretty and perfect. Sometimes you just want to be ugly and crazy and weird. So I love any opportunity I can throw on a shake-n-go wig, smudge red lipstick around my face, and be a crazy person.

For the runway challenge, you had to make one of your three gowns. What was it like when you had to present your design idea to Carson [Kressley] and Ru? Did their critiques stress you out? 

You know what? I have a feeling that those little walkthroughs are meant to shake you up and get you confused. And if you say one thing, they're going to be like, "Well, how about you do this?" So I didn't know what to think. They were telling me to add more. And by that I was like, "Okay. Well, I guess let's add more fabric." So me wearing a dress down to my feet, that's versatility for me. I was definitely... I took into consideration what they said. I was originally going to have a mini-skirt and I was like, "I can't wear a mini-skirt again." So I definitely took what they said into consideration.

We don't really get to see you construct the outfit in the episode. What was it like making it? Were you afraid that the judges were going to read you?

I actually was very pleasantly surprised as I was making it. I was gluing all these disco ball pieces, and it was coming together really cute, and Mistress was helping me with the skirt. But I specifically wanted to just do it all on my own. I was like, "Sugar's not here for a reason. Let me do something on my own." But Mistress was telling me, she was like, "Oh, girl, take one of the sewing patterns from one of your other skirts that you have and just kind of copy it." So that's what I did. So that was nice.

I loved the Start Your Engines look. Will we see that again?

Oh my God. That was one of my favorite looks because that was one of my more higher budgeted looks because the designer, Perry Meek, that did that look, the racer look, actually did Sugar and mine's promo looks too. I loved that look so much. I went back to him, and I was like, "I need this for the promo." So yeah, he's worked with Lady Gaga and stuff, so he really slayed that look for me. He brought my design right to life. That's the sad thing about doing the show is that you really have to be able to sew, I guess. But I love designing. I think of all my drag as I'm kind of designing a doll or a doll line with me and Sugar's looks. So I love when my designs get to come to life and really be executed to that extent, so I love that look.

How was it performing the lip sync? It looked like maybe you were forgetting the words a little bit...

Oh, honestly. Well, I will tell you that the 5,000 times I lip-synced on that show, I never knew a damn word. Because that's the thing with me is that I'm really not a lip-syncer. I don't do it. That's what the other girls do and that's why I love them. So for me to feel comfortable lip-syncing, I really have to know the song and really be passionate about it. So I'm like, "Give me Katy [Perry], give me my pop icons, and I will attempt to pop off for you." I knew a little bit of it because I did a TikTok to it, so I knew the chorus. But those words, I was not going to figure those out. So it was giving watermelon.

When you threw down your disco ball handbag, was that symbolizing you giving up little handbags or were you just playing around with the prop?

A little bit of both. I mean, I'm never giving up a handbag, never. But because Sugar and Spice, we're dolls. We need our little purse. Me breaking that ball, that was me being like, "Hey, I know what time it is. I'm having fun with this. Let me just go out with a bang in the most Spice way possible."

On Untucked, you talked about how you actually felt you had a great rapport with the judges on this episode. I'm just wondering what was your relationship with Ru and the judges? 

Yeah, me and Sugar, we have our characters. We play a little dumb, but deep down, I'm very much analyzed, I'm a very good judge of character, if you will. So I just saw how he [RuPaul] was reacting to the other queens, and it's kind of like when you like a guy and they like someone else better. It's very clear when they're not living for you. So yeah, they just didn't get me, but by the last episode I think they finally got me a little bit. So that was nice to go out on that note. But yeah, they weren't living, but it's okay because I live for myself and that's all that we need, right?

What was it like hearing Mistress say how proud she was of you, and how your drag really elevated throughout the season? The other girls thought you were just this TikTok queen coming in, and then you really proved everyone wrong and you really had so much more to you and your drag?

That was so nice to hear. Because even going back with the judges, I never really cared if the judges got me or not because the girls got me, and walking in, they didn't. So the fact that very quickly they all were living for me and Sugar, and actually a lot of them... Because it was even worse than what y'all saw when we first came in that first day or two. They were all coming for our neck, and they just wrote us off completely. And they actually, after that, pretty much all of them, besides the ones that were nice and didn't judge us, they were all apologizing to us. They'd be like, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. We really judged you guys. We really judged a book by its cover." And it was sad because I walked in and that's why it was hard to watch back the early episodes because I was just so happy to be there and excited, and they were ready to come for us. So it was hard to watch that, but I don't hold it to them. We're all people and we all learn from it and we're all a family now. So it is what it is. By the time I left that last Untucked, I just really felt the love from all the girls, and it really was a 180 from the first day. So that was the cool part, that I was like, "Okay, I'm not getting the crown. I'm not winning this obviously." But I did win the hearts of these girls somehow and the love was just so felt. So that was really great.

Did you text Sugar when you got your phone back after leaving the show? What was your reunion like?

I wanted to, but I was like, "Wait, let me surprise her when I come back to the house." So it was this whole thing. Honestly, it's a really long story to get into how we even ended up seeing each other again, so that would be for another day. But basically, I came running up the stairs, we saw each other, and we were just hugging. We were so happy. She was so shocked and happy. She was like, "I had a feeling it was going to be you." It was a really cute reunion for sure.

RuPaul's Drag Race airs Fridays at 8/7c on MTV.

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