Christine Quinn Slams Cynthia Nixon's Gubernatorial Campaign, Calls Her An "Unqualified Lesbian"

"Being a celebrity doesn’t make you qualified for public office."

Former New York City council speaker Christine Quinn slammed Cynthia Nixon a day after the actress announced her run for New York governor.

Quinn, an openly gay Democrat and longtime supporter of current Governor Andrew Cuomo, told The New York Post about her reservations with the Sex and the City star.

"She’s an accomplished actress, a supporter of political causes and that’s a good thing," Quinn explained. "Participating in rallies is important. But... being an actress and celebrity doesn’t make you qualified for public office."

Quinn praised Cuomo, citing his campaign to raise the minimum wage as proof of his success as governor. She also shaded Nixon for supporting Bill de Blasio in the 2013 mayoral race. (Quinn received just 15.5% of the vote in the Democratic primary.)

"Cynthia was opposed to having a qualified lesbian become mayor of New York City," she added. "Now, she wants an unqualified lesbian to be the governor of New York. She isn’t qualified to be the governor."

Quinn did clarify on Twitter that she wasn't attacking Nixon for being a lesbian: "I would never, ever criticize someone because of their identity," she noted. "I’ve experienced [discrimination] time and time again, and would never support it or condone it... I know it’s imperative that we encourage more members of our community to run for office."

Nixon was quick to brush off Quinn's criticisms, telling The Post that "her being a lesbian and my being a lesbian" isn't important.