Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Wants His Legacy to be "More than Awards and Accolades"

The 'Legendary' judge tells all in the upcoming season premiere of 'Logo Spill.'

On Logo Spill, host Johnny Sibilly sits down with celebrity guests, and over a couple of cocktails gets them to spill some piping hot tea on everything from their careers to dating and who has been sliding into their DMs. 

No topic is off the bar, including when it might be time to hang up the garment bag, as Sibilly's first guest, celebrity stylist Law Roach, hinted at during their conversation, ahead of his recently announced retirement.

"I'm at a place where I've done everything in my career. I am so satisfied with my career. So, now my career is for the people, right? And that means that it's for the people who look like me, that's coming behind me," the Legendary judge tells Sibilly in the Spill season premiere. 

"I want everybody to look at me as the possibility that they can live the same type of life. So, I really mean that," Roach continues. "Everything I do, I keep in mind how would this benefit, the person that's coming behind me, all those little brown, Black boys and girls that see me in the street and just say that I'm inspirational to them, and they aspire to be and to have the things that do the things I've done... That is how I like to lead. Will this choice or this fight benefit someone else?"

"I feel like if I stop working today, I'm happy. I've done everything. I've won every award, all the accolades. But... I want my legacy to be more than that," he adds. "It has to be... Who have I helped? Who have I helped to elevate? Whose life have I changed?"

Pour yourself a cup, and get ready to sip on even more tea when the new season of Logo Spill premieres later this month, until then check out a clip from Sibilly's conversation with Roach below.

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