Video Lunch: Just Jack - "Starz In Their Eyes"

British singer Jack Allsopp's stage name brings Jazz Hands! to mind for me. Yeah, I kind of think that Will & Grace owns the Just Jack term, at least if you're in the U.S., but, I know, that doesn't mean the former break-dancer doesn't deserve some American attention!

For the featured video, from Just Jack's second album, Overtones, Jack sings that putting stars (or starz?) in someone's eyes is not really a good thing. Perhaps that's because he's tasted fame's fickleness. But he's doing well for himself now, as "Starz in Their Eyes" reached Number 2 on the U.K.'s singles chart this year, and he's also written a track for Kylie Minogue's upcoming album.

Jack give iTunes a hand at its July Music Festival in London...and more on Just Jack after the jump!

Just Jack's art themes all tend to involve attacks on the weird miniatures...

In 2003, Just Jack released his debut album, The Outer Maker, with independent label RGR Records. Despite good reviews, the CD totally bombed, but later, as per Elton John's recommendation, Jack signed with Mercury, which led with his "Starz in Their Eyes" track for his second music foray.

The hip-hop and pop/dance combo was a major hit in the U.K., especially after Just Jack appeared on BBC2's music show, Later With Jools Holland.

Jack's career is certainly an interesting one, if a bit meandering. He began DJing at age 15 and break-dancing at age eight; however, he later got his degree in furniture design. But that would be his day job, as it were; he kept working on his music until his first record deal five years ago.

But since Jack's only enjoyed complete commercial success as of this year, he knows better than anyone, Beware of those starz!

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