Jaden Smith Puts Perfect Body On Display In Smokin' New Selfie

The first of many to come, we hope!

Jaden Smith burned a hole through the internet on Saturday when he uploaded a smoldering shirtless selfie to Instagram.

The famous son of Will and Jada only teased fans with the tasty selfie, which was cropped off riiight below his belly button and bare thigh, for a few days before deleting it.

Smith, who turned 18 on July 8 this year, has been praised by the fashion community for years for making bold and androgynous style choices and becoming the de facto leader of a movement toward genderless clothing.

Shortly after his birthday, Jaden embraced his status as a newfound sex symbol by shopping around New York City with an open shirt, his toned six pack on display for the paparazzi:

Jaden is also currently starring in Baz Luhrmann's Netflix drama The Get Down, where he plays queer artist Marcus 'Dizzee' Kipling.

Here's to hoping there are more shirtless selfies in the pipeline!