Guillermo Diaz Faces Down Clinton Kelly, Skylar Maxon's Dancing Pecs, Brandon Routh Needs A Nap: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Infinite Barrowmans, Hugh Jackman is a Prince, Robbie Amell pulls double duty

Skylar may be a hunk of Faking It, but he's puny next to Billy

But his pecs have mad talent

Robbie is busy this week

Big week in Vancouver. #xfiles #TheFlash @grantgust @dpanabaker

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He fits right in

@themuppetsabc @scandalabc

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Did the pup get a trim as well?

That's a power team

TBH, I'd have that expression too if I was facing off with Huck

I know it's Shadowhunters, but could your group photos have some light?

I think this is from filming the first season of Sense8

I'm not sure the world can handle infinite Barrowmans. It can barely handle one

Hugh was always a Prince

I have no idea what Eddie does late at night

Here's some ideas for Kim Davis to avoid when she gets out of jail

I always do what the music tells me