Sharon Needles Talks 'Drag Race', Beyonce & Boyfriend

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"Happy Halloween!"

Yes friends, Sharon Needles answers the phone exactly as you would expect. Tired and exhausted after a day of nonstop press and months of staying in her new apartment, "the Airport Towers," Sharon is still her kooky, spooky and hilarious self. "I gave up my favorite narcotic sleep but I know reality fame is fleeting so I am not going to waste this time."

If anything Sharon's star is shining brighter than ever, especially after this week's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race where it was revealed that the winner of season four would not be announced until the show's reunion special. Now her Facebook page has filled with thousands of comments, the Twitter-sphere has become overrun with support for the drag diva and many a Logo employee has been spotted proclaiming their love for Miss Needles with a Team Sharon tee. Heck, even Lady Gaga is a fan.

Despite the newfound fame, winning is the last thing on Sharon's mind. "I have always watched the show on my same crappy recliner in Pittsburgh every season and this time when I watched there was a disconnect. I wasn't watching myself I was watching a character named Sharon Needles. The thought of winning never passed through my mind."

As for that twist ending Sharon simply says, "I have become numb to the concept of television shockers and zingers."

And just as Chad Michaels praised Sharon and their friendship throughout the season, Sharon admits she would not have made it through without Chad. "Chad was my Xanax. Chad eased any anxiety or doubt I had. To have a seasoned professional and the industry standard say I was good meant everything to me. Chad was like a mother to me. I would have felt a lot more alone if she wasn't there."

The other man in Sharon's life has also been a huge comfort in the wake of her recent success, boyfriend Alaska. "He is my biggest fan and best employee," she jokes. "Honestly, it is nice to date someone who has such an open mind and is so, so supportive of me and my career."

The biggest obstacle standing in Sharon's way in her hopes of becoming America's Next Drag Superstar it seems is her performance in the finale. Dancing is not Sharon's forte as we all saw this week. "I can not lip sync Beyonce," she explains. "My idols are people like Divine, Leigh Bowery, GG Allin and Jayne County."

Amanda Lepore is also a big idol for Sharon and she revealed the two will be performing this Monday at the RuPaul's Drag Race finale party in NYC. In fact, Sharon had just gotten off the phone with the legend before calling us. "We are doing The Funeral of Sharon Needles. The season is over and her legacy is done and it is my way of saying goodbye to an amazing roller coaster ride."

"Of course, I'm resurrected at the end."

Thank God for that.

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